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The Self Healing Portal has been set up in order to give you free information and resources to empower you to take your health and happiness into your own hands. It has been set up by Jo Hainsworth, who has spent many years searching for answers as a result of having and recovering from a chronic physical illness.
All the information on this website is available to be shared with anyone you believe may benefit from it. The website is non commercial and only links to paid services and products where they are ones Jo has really benefited from. The theme of this website is very much that with the right commitment and information, you can heal yourself. Jo truly believes that as each one of us finds peace within our hearts, so the world becomes a more peaceful place, and that the methods detailed on this site are great tools for finding that peace within us, that will then spread out into the world.
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The note we are sounding to the universe
We all know there must be an easier way to live life at times, but often it just seems to elude us. We meditate, we go from one therapist and method to another, and yet often we still have an underlying dis-ease with life. Physical symptoms or tension that just won’t go away, difficulty attracting enough money or jobs we love into our life, or the relationship of our dreams. Pain, depression, communication difficulties with those around us, shortage of time or sexual difficulties. You name it, we all experience different levels of this from time to time.

Well fortunately leading edge science has finally explained why conventional methods, both physical medicine and psychology, have fallen short of helping us with all of this. And the news gets even better, because it doesn’t just explain why they often aren’t very effective, it also explains what we can do instead.

Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction somewhere in our travels, the idea that like attracts like. Maybe we’ve seen or heard of the movie “The Secret” or come across some of the Abraham-Hicks information, or read something by Gill Edwards or a number of other authors who have written on the topic. It all sounds very simple and good, but there’s often a “yeah, but…” of some sort after we find out about it. Often the information presented is accurate, but incomplete, or complete in terms of how the law operates in our lives, but doesn’t give us adequate information in terms of how to deal with our resistance to allowing what we want into our lives. Often we just end up feeling more inadequate because we “get” that it really does work that way, but we don’t seem to be able to get it to work to our advantage.

Often people write off the Law of Attraction on the grounds of it being a vague new-agey type thing, so one way to start is take it back to its simplest scientific roots. Everything is energy, EVERYTHING. And energy vibrates at a certain frequency, and resonates with other energy vibrating at a similar frequency. An easy way to illustrate this, is to stand in front of a piano, with the lid open. Sing a loud clear note, any note at all, and you will find the piano “plays” the note back to you. The string which vibrates at the same frequency sounds in resonance with your voice. That’s the Law of Attraction. We sound a consistent note to the universe, and it sounds the note right back to us in the form of the circumstances we find ourselves in, the people in our lives, our physical and financial health etc etc.

So how do we get the Law of Attraction to work in our lives? Well the bottom line is it’s working all the time, whether you are conscious of it or not. Whatever energy you are vibrating at, is the energy that is drawing everything around you into your life. The best way to see what energy you are vibrating at is to look around you. If your life is filled with love, health and abundance, chances are your vibration is high. If instead you find at least some areas of your life filled with tension or pain or lack – whether financial, things that give you pleasure, relationships etc - perhaps you could take a look at what note you are singing to the universe.

But how? You’ve already tried so many methods, and you think each one is going to be it, but somehow those major things in your life that you would like to change stay exactly the same. Here’s where leading edge scientific discoveries come in really handy.

Bruce Lipton began his career as a conventional scientist, doing stem cell research and teaching the standard “body as machine controlled by genes” line at university. Then he began to notice that the stem cells were behaving in ways that were contrary to what he was teaching, and he began to realise that the biggest determinant of a cell’s health, was the environment it was in. And the primary source of influence in the environment was what he calls “the system’s central voice” – the mind. Research has proven that there are two components to “the mind”, one the conscious and the other the subconscious. The subconscious has been found to be millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind, and it is estimated that around 95% of our thoughts are derived from the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind is UNAWARE of most of them. Apparently until we are about six years old, our conscious mind is predominantly in delta or theta frequency, and we just absorb EVERYTHING, without involvement of our conscious minds. That means that every comment like “you’re stupid”, or “you don't deserve that" etc goes straight in and is recorded into the subconscious mind, WITHOUT our conscious mind being aware of it.

If 95% of our thoughts originate from the subconscious, and we are largely unaware of the bulk of them, then how can we change those thoughts, which effectively result in how we are feeling, and the note we are sounding to the universe? Bruce Lipton explains that the latest scientific studies show why conventional medicine and psychology fall short in being able to help restore us to full health – they don’t deal with changing the beliefs that have been safely stored in the subconscious mind. This is what Bruce says is the answer:

There are two ways out of the problem. Firstly, we can become more conscious, and rely less on automated subconscious programs. By being fully conscious, we become the masters of our fates rather than the ‘victims’ of our programs. This path is similar to Buddhist mindfulness. Secondly, we can use a variety of new energy psychology modalities that enable a rapid and profound reprogramming of limiting subconscious beliefs. These new energy modalities provide the ability to rewrite limiting perceptions (beliefs) and self-sabotaging behaviors using processes that are mechanistically similar to pushing the record program on the subconscious mind’s tape player. With conscious awareness, one can actively transform the character of their lives into ones filled with love, health and prosperity. The use of these new modalities provides a key to personal growth and transformation.” (www.brucelipton.com)

Which approach you take, or whether you combine the two (meditation and energy psychology) will largely depend on your nature. If you are impatient to see changes, you are most likely going to want to opt for the latter! There are many different forms of energy psychology available these days, and one of the exciting things about them is that they are often easy to learn and there is a lot of information about them freely available on the Internet.

If you are new to energy psychology, check out the EFT pages to get started on this exciting journey...

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