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Some people are happy to continue to receive Reiki treatments from others, but many who enjoy receiving treatments decide they might like to learn for themselves. There are several benefits of doing a Reiki workshop yourself if you enjoy the effects of a Reiki treatment.

The main benefit is that you are no longer reliant on someone else to give you a treatment. Once attuned, all you have to do is place your hands on yourself with the intention of treating yourself, and the energy begins to flow. Reiki is great because you don’t need any tools or equipment, just your hands and your intention, so you can easily treat yourself whenever you want to.

In addition to being able to treat yourself, in most cities there are groups of people who have learnt Reiki who get together for Reiki Exchange evenings. This is a great way to get familiar with the energy, practice giving others treatments, and receive a treatment yourself regularly.

Once you’ve done a Reiki workshop, if you want to, you can also share the Reiki energy with your family, friends & even your pets. Again because no special equipment is required, Reiki is something you can share with others easily and inexpensively. Reiki is especially good for people with young children, and any caregivers looking after others.

As well as the physical benefits you receive, Reiki can also help you with your personal and spiritual development if desired. Many people who have learnt Reiki report that they find it helps them to keep a greater perspective on their lives, and understand themselves better. Some also find that phobias or patterns of behaviour they no longer want simply drop away after receiving the Reiki attunements. Reiki is a wonderful energy that goes to wherever in your life you need it.

If you enjoy treating yourself and others with Reiki, after attending the first workshop, further workshops are also available for those you want to learn more about self-healing and helping others.
To Find out More...
If you are interested in Reiki and haven’t yet had a treatment, find someone who has learned Reiki and experience a treatment for yourself. The best way to find someone is by word of mouth, if you don’t know anyone who does Reiki, ask at local health stores as they usually know of someone in the area who does Reiki.

If you’ve had one or more treatments and you are interested in learning for yourself, ask the person who gives you Reiki whether they teach or know someone who does. There are plenty of books around now about Reiki, but because it’s something you need to experience rather than just read about, it is recommended that you don’t read a lot on the topic until you have attended a workshop yourself. Very little of the information is of use to you until you have had the attunements.

Reiki really is something to be experienced!


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