Take Care of Yourself in 2018

Every year people start by creating resolutions. New Year’s resolutions don’t do any good if you don’t have a plan for success. Every year create a theme for yourself. Create a plan to institute for the entire year to ensure that you accomplish what you desire. You are the most important thing that you have … [Read more…]

Tips for Better Self-Care

  Practicing certain activities such as spending time with family to eating healthy and working out can be top priorities for taking care of one’s self. A healthy self-care regimen should include healthy diet, lots of exercise, spending time with loved ones, socializing regularly, spending time alone for meditation and reflection, staying optimistic and seeking … [Read more…]

How Writing Can Be Good for Self-Healing

Everyone says they want to write a book some day. And you definitely should. But you don’t have to start writing a book. Did you know that keeping a journal can be a great activity for self-healing? There are so many positive ways that you can document your daily events, your thoughts, your emotions, and … [Read more…]

Why Self-Love is Important

Some people think that the concept of self-love is narcissistic. This is certainly not the case. When we talk about self-love, we are really just talking about having a positive sense of self or having good self-esteem. Why is self-love so important? Everyone is flawed, but everyone also is special and talented. Everyone has something … [Read more…]

How to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointment can be defined as an emotion of sadness or displeasure that happens when a person’s hopes or expectations are not met. While it can occur from personal choices, it can also happen as a result of outside circumstances. Disappointment can happen as a result of anything from your favorite sports team not winning the … [Read more…]