How to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointment can be defined as an emotion of sadness or displeasure that happens when a person’s hopes or expectations are not met. While it can occur from personal choices, it can also happen as a result of outside circumstances. Disappointment can happen as a result of anything from your favorite sports team not winning the big game or not getting that job you really wanted.

So how can we handle our disappointment in a more productive way? Here are several tips.

Become Clearer

Gaining a sense of clarity is always a great way to deal with any negative emotion. You can achieve this sense of clarity by meditating or praying every day. When you meditate, you bring your emotions back to a place of being centered.

Start Doing More Things You Love

When you are disappointed or sad, you don’t want to do anything. But if you can make yourself do something, I guarantee you will feel better. Call up your friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Watch a film you haven’t seen that makes you feel better. Read a great book that always makes you happy.

Clean Up Your Environment

When you are in a cleaner and neater environment, you are guaranteed to feel better. Your environment will become more positive, and it will start to take your mind off of your temporary circumstances.

Think About the Bigger Picture

Don’t get caught up in specifics. Didn’t get that one job you wanted? I bet your overall goals are not tied up in that one job. Want to get a book published? Are you disappointed because the book you were working on just got rejected? Start working on another book. Or submit that one to a different publisher. Don’t lose sight of your overall goals.

There are quite a few ways to avoid being disappointed. It’s okay to feel disappointed sometimes, but you don’t want to dwell on that emotion. You want to be able to pick yourself up and get back on your path!

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